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Thursday, July 18, 2019
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


In Worship This Week
This Sunday in worship, we will explore John 1:29-42, and consider how our Christian faith 1) defines us;  2) forms our identity;  and 3) provides a stable foundation we can rely upon.  In preparation, ask yourself these questions:  How has my faith influenced how I understand myself and how others know me?  If I did not tell anyone I was Christian, would anyone else know?  
Vacation Reminder
Opening Minds is on summer vacation and will return in September.  
Daily Bread
The Daily Bread listed in each Sunday Bulletin for the upcoming week can be read each day on the Kuna United Methodist Church Facebook page.  There is also a link from the KUMC web page.   
For more information for upcoming events and news, see our Calendar here; or read the current Newsletter here.    
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