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Friday, July 30, 2021
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About Us

Methodism took form as an organized church as the new republic took form in America.  The 1700s was a century of remarkable promise for freedom loving people everywhere.   And in America the Methodist Church spread across the new expanse of America like wildfire.  Methodists believed that God loved all the people of creation, and that all people should be free!
Methodist "Circuit Riding Preachers" went west with the expansion... the Methodist Church grew all across the new land... all the way out to Oregon and Idaho.  The Methodist Church even started a College in Salem, Oregon in 1841 (Willamette University). 
The Methodist Movement
The Methodist Church was started by John and Charles Wesley as a methodical way of studying the Bible and keeping their lives on God's plan.  John Wesley was a powerful evangelical preacher who spoke about God's plan of salvation for every person ... even those that society had discarded... even us!   God's Grace is for everyone... but it is up to each person to accept God's salvation... We need to repent of our false ways and our pride, to turn away from any evil... we accept Jesus Christ, God's gift of salvation, as our way toward God and God's Kingdom ... And, we need to live lives that reflect God's great love!  We are disciples of Jesus Christ; which means we follow in the path of Jesus and serve God's people as Jesus did.  We believe in God as a trinity: God the Creator, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Kuna United Methodist Church
Kuna was originally a stage stop on the silver route between Silver City and Idaho City. Later the railroad came through and Kuna was "on the line".  In 1908 the local settlers decided they wanted to start a church for the spiritual health of the community.  They started the Kuna ME (Methodist Episcopal, as it was called in that day).  In 1914 land was purchased and the church building was started.  That structure was completed by 1916 and is still a part of the current building.  The bell in the bell tower was procured by the Rev. Ross.  It was advertised in Ontario, Oregon and the only cost was the transport.  So, Rev Ross hitched up his wagon and went to get it and it was installed in the bell tower. That bell still rings out for the 11:00am Worship service every Sunday!  The original building didn't have a steeple - that was added in the mid 1970's when a major project added a chancel area on the south side of the sanctuary and an office and classroom two story structure on the north side.  Kuna Methodist Episcopal Church changed its name in 1968 when the Methodist Church combined with two other church denominations who had similar theological specifics.  The new name became "The United Methodist Church."

 Kuna UMC has been at the center of life in Kuna all these years... graduation ceremonies, school and community plays, city meetings, scouts, and many other activities have been hosted in this building.  Currently, besides church activities, our building hosts many activities from Al Anon, NA & AA meetings and the Kuna Food Bank to Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts, Quilter meetings and various local music teacher's recitals.
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